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WPSJ 93. 6 item. All videos from the WPSJ 93. 6 item. Playing. Playing. Play this episode. WPSJ 93. 6 item. Create Your Own Podcasts. Thanks. 1 item. Oh, I'm Jason Meyers. I created this site as a resource for my family and friends to find inspiration and encouragement. Please note that this site is not associated in any way with SALT - it's sole purpose is to promote me and my podcast. The majority of the audio clips used in this website have been edited by me from short segments of one or more of my podcasts. In some cases, they are extended versions of the original clips with additional material. Some clips are from the recording of one of my live shows (See About Live Shows for more details). Occasionally, I will show clips from my radio shows, however these clips are usually abridged versions. Click on the audio links at the top of the page to play the clips. 1 - Play this episode. 2 - Play the next episode. 3 - Play the previous episode. 8 - WPSJ 93. 6 item. 1 - Play this episode. 2 - Play the next episode. 3 - Play the previous episode. WPSJ 93. 6 item. Add a comment.Q: How to check the link in UICollectionView I have a collection view with button. I want to check the item of the collection view if (collectionView.numberOfSectionsInCollectionView == 1) { NSIndexPath* obj=(NSIndexPath*)[collectionView indexPathForCell:_collectionView]; _1stPorpertyArray = obj.row; _1stPorperty = [_array objectAtIndex:_1stPorpertyArray]; _1stUICollectionViewCell.tag = _1stPorperty.user_id; _1stUICollectionViewCell.image = [UIImage imageNamed:@"lg.png"];



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