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Flat Stick

This piece has five different variations based on the added text. Choose the piece you prefer by referencing the text in the image. See thumbnail images for examples of the different added texts 





Original only available in medium.   
Print versions available in small, medium and large.

Aperture: (visible painted surface inside mount)

Small          120mm x 170mm 5'' x 7''

Medium     147mm x 197mm 6'' x 8''

Large          204mm x 292mm 8'' x 12''

Frame surface area:
Small          253mm x 304mm 10'' x 12''

Medium    304mm x 354mm 12'' x 14''

Large         354mm x 455mm 14'' x 18''

Flat Stick

PriceFrom €89.99
  • Actual price will be displayed once you have made a choice in each of the three option fields

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